My Yammies


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Here are a few pics of My Yamaha Stage Customs.

They have a really nice green wood grain on them but they always look black in photos and gigs! You have to get up close to them in good light to really see the detail- Quite annoying actually

14x6 snare
12x10 rack tom
14x13 floor tom
22x20 bass drum

all Remo Weatherking coated emperors except the snare which I think is a Remo Coated Powerstroke 3- which needs to be replaced.

Tama Road Pro hihat and boom stand
2 Yamaha Boom stands
Pacific Pedal

Cymbals: L to R

Paiste 502 hihats
16" Meinl MCS
18" Ziljian A Thin Crash
21" Paiste 3000 Power Ride
18" Zilijian A Rock Crash

I guess these are a lower end set-up but be gentile, this is my baby!!!



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welcome to the forum!
gotta love Yammies - those are nice, i like the 4 peice setup! also like the A's - a 'thin' and a 'rock' - you must get a nice contrast out of those two babies!


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Thanks for taking a look guys.

Yeah- at this point I dont see any reason to 'upgrade' to better crashes as they give me a great range-

The Rock is really loud with a long decay and the thin is balanced just below the rock and decays in about half the time.

i find I play the thin a lot more in the current settings and songs we are playing just because I dont want the rocks decay going on too long into sections on the song I dont want cymbal noise-

The Meinl I bought for about $40 from somewhere with the mind of just using it as a practice type deal. It turns out it is not a very good cymbal but because it has a real tinny type crash sound and a very-very fast decay, I play it like a splash and it works wonderfully when all I want is a little accent and not a full blown crash hit-

My plan is to add K hihats and a ride or HH- but like most things my 'other' life is getting in the way !!!