MAPEX Snare? Why not....But which one?


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Hi Guys,
I'm thinking to try a Mapex Snare as they seems to be nicely made and well placed price wise' I have seen 3 that could interest me (See below) but which one? Any opinions? let me know.
1) Black Panther Shadow Birch/Walnut (I have no Birch snare)
2) Black Panther Design lab Craig Blundell The Machine Maple/Walnut
3) Black Panther Design lab Chris Adler Warbird Walnut 12X5,5 (I have no 12" Snare)
Thanks in advance
Ok, so, I had no luck with answers on this topic but I asked the same question around and was told that the Walnut 30th anniversary Snare was a beats and I found one in promotion at my usual stores and just so you know, it's super nice, loud, clear, very much a A snare versus a B brand I was thinking Mapex was.
Then, I started to pay more attention to the other snares and I might buy the shadow this whey have it in another store in my town.
And I have found a client exchange/return Heartbreaker at 30%, if the store is ok to transfer it, that might close my search for some extra Mapex snare.... Ok, I tried the Craig Blundell signature snare "Machine" today and, whooo, great snare to, no extra buzz, perfect blend of noise small ring and overtone with no dampening... But 860 Can$ though....
That's it, if you think I should look for another one, let me know, thanks.