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Now I am young and naive when it comes to this sort of thing; forming opionions of drummers. But am I alone when I praise Larry Mullen? If I am merely being blinded by the sex appeal of U2 please set me straight 'cause I really thought I was idolizing Larry for his technique not his physique. Any thoughts?
I'll tell you this right now, you're not the only one. Larry Mullen Jr. is and always will be my favourite drummer of all time. He may not have the most difficult drum beats or have the fastest chops, but he is by far, one of the most talented and diverse drummers. I saw U2 in Vancouver April 28th, and I'll never forget that show. Mullen is my biggest influence. He is the reason why I began playing the drums.
Larry Mullen Jr. is a very good drummer. I think the best part about him is the way he works for the songs. There are a lot of drummers like this -- that really add to the songs. What makes u2 so absolutely fantastic (besides overwhelming talent) is that all of their members -- without exception -- work solely to better the song. No one stands out as the best in their instruments, but they are arguably the best rock band of all time.

i mean who else is making the best records of their career 25 years later? I have nothing but praise for all of them.
Yeah, and its the small stuf that you got to listen for in songs that really reveal his technique. Like on Stay,So Far Away I think it is he has this sort of delay on the snare , if only for a split second off of the high hat that gives the song a calm somber feel with out creating drag. Check it out. And I just see that , with what someone was saying earlier about the group and how well they work together, where do youfind people like that to play with ? The group set up seems so ideal its baffeling. People just don't know don't a appreciate it.
I have followed Larry Mullen and U2 since they released "under a blood red sky" in 1983. The band and Larry has been a source of inspiration ever since. They have a unique chemistry and have managed to change and evolve throughout their career. Larry Mullen is a powerful and steady drummer who clearly listens to the rest of the band and leaves room for the the two maestros up front. He has coined some beats that stand out in rock n roll history. Listen to Sunday, bloody sunday or Where the streets have no name and hear what I mean. He gives the band a lot of it´s energy. I have seen U2 live a couple of times and Mullen´s drumming adds to the phenomenal build-ups they manage to do on large arena venues. But i am a bit disapponted with their Vertigo-album. Mostly because of the mix. To my ears the drums are a bit too low. With the drums a bit more to the front of the mix it would have been a rock-album. Now it´s more of a pop-album, and it takes away some of the edge they used to have. But of course, the band are in their forties and not in their twentys anymore...
Yamaha Maple Custom and Beech Custom. He also uses Paiste Cymbals...the signature series.
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Larry Mullen Jr is da man! he is a great drummer. and yea, just like Fat Elvis said, he does just add to songs. he isnt trying 2 be a standout performer, but he's doing exactly what the song needs to be that something extra. very musical, and he's da man.

"I joined the band just so I could hit things" - Larry Mullen Jr. on why he joined U2.

what more could you ask for in a drummer?
I got to see Larry play live in Oakland and I have to say he is a prime example of a really great drummer that keeps it simple and tasty. He doesnt overdue it and he has great chops. He also has a really nice kit and his cymbals are gorgeous.
I completely agree with whoever started this post. I just saw U2 on the vertigo tour last night in Tampa, and I must say I have always been a fan of Larry Mullen, but last night he just blew me away. I mean I agree with people that say he isn't the best, but he(and the rest of the band) is the the least selfish guy I have ever seen. He doesn't care if he gets recognized and that takes a lot in my opinion, especially in a band like U2. He has some fabulous beats, but I find on recordings his drums are turned down low, and someone said its because they want it to be more poppy, but I mean come on, its U2. He is just an unselfish guy, and he is just trying to carry the song the way it should. Him and adam connect so well in the rhythym. The show was absolutely incredible and I suggest that ya'll go see them if you get a chance ever. Mullen's kit is amazing. It's a yamaha, and he has paiste, I think heavy signatures, not sure though, and they sound incredible. He turns his snare mic down low, he does lots of rolls on his snare using just snare, and its turned down so low that its tough to hear, Its like he doesn't want to be heard. But that's enough, anyways, he is a great drummer with a unique style, and he has motivated greatly through his one performance.
i think on the albums ,well achtung baby anyway He used a Brady 13x8 snare.
i love that drum
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I think Larry has a brilliant, unique style that really compliments the music he plays behind not to mention he was actually the one who formed the band together.
Hello. Does anyone know how to play the part where Larry plays his snare drum at the beginning of "City of Blinding Lights" on the Vertigo 2005// U2 Live from Chicago DVD? I think that part sounds cool, and just wanted to know what the tabs would be. Would any of you would also happen to know what snare drum Larry uses on the Vertigo tour?
Hi. Does anyone know if Larry has been featured in any front cover(s) of a drumming magazine?
Larry plays rolls on the intro of city of blinding lights. and as for the tom question, he has it mounted with a crash............well at leats thats what it was at the vancouver concert. GREATEST DRUMMER EVER!
Larry Mullen is a fantastic song player. He really knows how and where to put the beat on a song. Very tasteful and really knows where to pick his spots. I would compare him to say, Ringo Starr, in terms of playing FOR the song.
Hey, Rendezvous_Drummer. Can you play any U2 songs on the drums? If so, which song(s)? and how much was your Yamaha kit?
hey LarryC. My kit cost 300 for the shells only but i got the hardware from my brother. U2 is my favorite band of all time and Larry Mullen is my Favorite drummer of all time and knowing that, I forced myself to learn every single song. I would say I can play all the songs on the A side tracks (songs that are on their main albums) and right now i'm working on their B-side tracks (Lady with the Spinning head, Sweetest Thing). The stuff is awesome!