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So, I watch a show on NBC called New Amsterdam. Not sure if anyone watches it, great show. But, what intrigues me about the show are these music segues they use. Many are all drums, one person playing, mostly snare, but he jazzes around the kit and brushes it up some. I tried Shazam and SoundHound, could never get a hit.

Finally got lucky tonight doing some searching.

He's into electronica, I'll call it. . .and he's a great jazz drummer. Maybe a slightly different approach with his ghost notes and syncopations. I've not found a huge amount of videos, here are a few. . .Oh I think he's West Coast? I like his calm. He just sits in the groove.



This third video starts out with very similar rhythms as the segues on N.A.
It's also annoying visually WARNING WARNING


I like this last song a lot, groovy