is this fourm all about set? (not a complaint)


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I was just wondering is this fourm mainly based around set? i mean like i understand not having like concert snare but i rarely see anything geared towards say DCI type drumming or WGI. So i was simply wondering if there were any threads about it?
There have been a few threads started such as Who Does Drumline? Its been a while but I think it's an age thing and the majority of us are older than high school age so it's not part of the norm.
oh well i was just wondering if anyone has or plays DCI *the pro level drumcores etc
Well, in all due respect you might want to think some about bringing that pov into it, because that's the one rub isn't it? I consider DCI folks highest expert level marching participants. But the term pro level may not exactly fit 16-22 year old guys who fork out large sums of money to retain membership in an ensemble. After all, when Jack DeJohnette is paid at the end of the night, his cash flow is travelling in the other direction.

Yeah, the definition of "pro" is "someone who gets paid to do a craft." So, technically, there are no pro DCI corps.