Is it just me?


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I think most of all the center back position kills the communication with the rest of the band. I was at a jam some time ago, there were 3 guitarists in front of me. I didn't catch what song we were going to play and didn't recognize it after we started. Well I can still handle that if the songs is straightforward (and if it isn't my version will be 🤣) but after 10 minutes and 3x3 endless solos when I wanted to put a decent end to the thing, I had no choice but to pull the plug a little brutally as noone was paying attention to what was happening behind them 😬
Someone said thanks dude afterwards 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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And that my friends is why I started sitting at the front side of the stage recently.

Not to be the centre of attention but to feel the same energy the rest of the band feels.

And being black certinaly doesn’t help in dark surroundings I have noticed these 30 years of playing. 😂 that is one advantage white drummers certainly have.