Iron Cobra


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I am about to purchase a hyperdrive kit and thought i should go all tama with iron cobras. There are many choices actually three and i play death metal which makes me go super fast and light. I also use the swivle techiech so i need to know what choice is the best for me. I am looking at the flexi glides but i am not sure so can somebody help me.
Buy the power glides, you won't regret it. So many adjustments you can make on the pedal, and with the new "cobra coil" the pedal works with you on the upstroke of your foot, which will give you some more power and control. And, unlike most pedals, you can adjust the beater angle without affecting the angle of the bass plate, and vice-versa. Also, these pedals are GREAT with the swivel technique, which is what I use also. I also play fast and heavy metal too :p