Hey all. I'm new to this forum and just wanted to introduce myself. As a youngster, I would bang on books, buckets, cans, anything I could get my hands on (including a nifty metal newspaper rack that worked great as a cymbal). I eventually got my own set around the age of 13. I've never had formal training but listened to lots of music and eventually became good enough to play in a cover band for a few years. I hung em up after I moved into an apartment and got busy with working and life. After a 25 year hiatus, I decided to jump back in again. I'm rusty....even though in my head I still feel like I got it but I know it takes time and practice to get my drum legs and hands back. I am still pretty busy w/ life (wife/kids/2 jobs) but am putting as much time into it as I can. I'm glad I found this forum to be able to read through postings that may help me on my journey back into being a drummer. Thanks again!


Diamond Member never really stop drumming, you just take a big break for the guitar solo....


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Welcome back! You'll find kindred spirits here.

What are you playing currently? Did you keep your old set or have you purchased a new one?


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Welcome! Just came back myself last September. It takes a bit, but what you once had will come to the surface again.


I bought a Gretsch Catalina maple and love it! My old set from long ago ended up being stolen from one of my old band members house about a year after I had last played them. They were a mismatch of drums so they were'nt worth too much. I did buy a pearl export 5 pc in 2003 when I bought my first house but I didn't play em much so I eventually sold them. Not going to happen this time. I love my Gretsch and play em as often as I can. Right now, I just put some earbuds in and play to some songs. Easier ones, nothing too crazy. Comfortably numb, sweet child of mine, paranoid. I've also really started getting into practicing rudiments. Working on paradiddles now and practice pretty much at least 4 or 5 times a day. I'm getting pretty decent. I use the a Vic Firth paradiddle youtube video to practice. So far I can get up to the middle of the "GOLD" level. When I first started I couldn't get close.