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How many of you are on instagram? It is a really great photo-sharing app. If anybody is post your username so other people can follow you. My user name is jacob_vandewalle
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I used to use it until Facebook bought it for 1 billion dollars and I quit. I do not like Facebook and their lack of decent security. God only knows where your photos may end up.
You'll find me @ doctorcameo
I mostly take pictures of nature, especially clouds and light (I live in southern Sweden, we have the mo st amazing air and light in the whole world).

My dad's a great instagramer - he can be found @ yellowcab03

I've been using it since it came out on Android a couple of weeks ago. I've come to realize that Instagram is my favorite game. I don't play any games at all on my phone, but take quite a few pictures of random stuff that I try and manipulate via the app. I've probably taken 2-3 times as many pictures than I've uploaded. I don't know I just like screwing around with graphics and images.
I use it!... what's your username?