How many Drums in your Favorite Kit? How many Cymbals with that Kit?

Pretty simply here.

9 times out of 10, it's one up, one down...hats, ride, and two crashes.

On small stages, I will drop a crash. I'll occasionally bring a second ride if I'm in a situation where we are backing multiple players, just to have a different voice behind their solos.
I would like to play the drums with a 5 piece kits because I feel like I miss one important tom with a 4 piece kit, especially for the Jack Dejohnette trio stuff. But I won't spend a dime on that, I'll just have fun playing with 2 toms and live with it.

Some people say that the Hi hat can be considered as a cymbal. Professor Auspicious is developing something weird right now as I only practice music with insulated headphones against recording like some sort of Autistic behavior. Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, recently I added Keith Jarrett Trio, and the Miles of course.

It involved a load of drummers using various cymbals, I now use 3 different rides depending of the tune and they are all installed to my right just like in the picture of post #2. My 22" which sounds great against the recordings of jack Dejohnette (and other things), My 20" light flat which is really a soft all rounder with Bill Evans (and many other things) and my 19" Turkish crash ride which often go well with the recordings of Marty morel and Philly Joe occasionally in old albums.

I have my 17" low pitched crash to my left which is a cool crash

So 4 drums, 4 cymbals: 1 crash, 2 rides, 1 crash ride + 1 hi hat! Honestly I use both sides of the hi hat to get various sounds so they might be considered a cymbal after all. I love the bells on my 13" hats. K custom dark hats, I totally love them, they are so sweet and mellow, with a higher pitch against my low pitched cymbals.

I really love these sounds, damn. :D
For gigs I bring what I used for band rehearsals. I've not brought my full 6-piece to a gig in over a decade. Not 'cuz I'm lazy, but 'cuz the bands I've been in haven't needed that kind of kit.

Blues Club Bloomington.jpg

Danville gig.jpg


For home my setup is whatever I feel like, unless I'm practicing for a gig (which hasn't been for about a year).

Kit Setup.jpg
Mr JPA setup.jpg
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8 drums with the timbale / side snare ,8 cymbals and hats is my Favorite set up, but only for at home.

for gigs i use my Superstar classic Maple Kit 5 pc and 2 crash/ 1 ride.
This is my Starclassic WB Kit, which sounds incredible. Need to update the photo cause I have all Clear G2's now. The Remo experiment is over. Never again.


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4 drums and 4 cymbals.

One up/ one down- 13” tom, 16” floor tom, 22” bass drum, snare drum.

2 crashes, ride and hats. Will occasionally use just 1 crash instead of 2.

Simple and comfortable ; works for everything I do.
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Gram 008.JPG

20 12 16 found this past summer
5.5 I bought at a Pa Vintage Show 20 years ago : )

70s A & Cie early brilliant on left 1445g
later 60s A 22" 2588g right
13" old K Int stamp 751g top
14" New stamp 1050g bottom
(ha! pair 3 of 3 old K hi hats mixes I've made)
the Sanford and Son used car lot pair
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I play one up and one down (four drums) and hats, crashable ride and two crashes. So I like four drums and four cymbals. Peace and goodwill.
jan19 017.JPG

two 20s and a 19 lower right.
14" (hats) trad dark,
20" trad Thin Ride
20" turk Thin Ride,
19" turk Paper Thin cr (it's also a perfect ride),

5" brass (1971)
12x10 10x9 14x12 18x14
gunmetal BK's 6P USA G's 2010s

fiberskyn on brass always (fob)
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of the 3 sets I don't have a "rock" kit

I have Elvin/Motown kits
I don't have a rock kit
since a few 22" sets I have had
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my "rock" set is:

6 1994 Pearl Master Custom Maple drums
in 1962 Ludwig Supraphonic snare

10 cymbals in this set up; I own 30 cymbals total.


I prefer a big set over a small 95% of the time

however, for my jazz and country gig, this is the kit i use:

1955 Ludwigs
1964 Supraphonic snare

4 cymbals in this set up: they are 1955-58 Zildjian's; for country I substitute a 90's era 22" K ride and a 2000's era 17" K Custom Dark Crash

4 drums
18"14"12" 14" Snare

5 cymbals
20"18" 14" Hats 8" Splash

This fits in the boot of an estate with a clear rear window

I got to thinking last night whilst driving in spirals getting to a gig through bus gates and one way systems. With the push towards no car towns, it's getting harder carry all that stuff

I might start putting £30 porterage on my fee and just pay the fines. Also I'm working on a kit that fits in the boot of a Prius so taxi drivers will accept the fare

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A 22
18 A & cie
old K hi hats
20 12 16 5.5
Tell me about your hi-hats? How does it change the sound and feel having differents sizes?