Hooking up Ezdrummer to DTXTREME III - how ????!!


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Hey - has anyone hooked up DTXTREME III to Ezdrummer ? I have got the computer / Ezdrummer to recognise the brain, but do not know how to tune the drums in the program to the brain. Quite annoying !!! Any help would be great - thanks
Thanks - problem I have is with the brain. I have set up Ezdrummer on my Roland no problem so am comfortable with that side - it's the DTXtreme Im having issues with. Just cannot see a way to tune the drums to Ezdrummer - have been trying for weeks.

Thanks for your response though
From a quick glance at the dtxtreme manual, it seems it allows you to assign midi notes to pads, that would let you map things in the module to EZ. (If all else fails, there are other ways to reroute midi signals based on what OS you have.)