Help Picking Songs to Cover in my Original Band


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Hey guys, my band is looking to pick a song or two to cover just to add to our set list to play in places that will allow covers.

We're an Alternative/Blues rock band, and some of our songs sound like Coldplay meets the Black Keys, while others sound much more like Clapton and Hendrix. The instrumentation features a bass player, drummer, lead guitarist, and singer who plays rhythm guitar (acoustic or electric) or keyboard depending on the song.

I was pushing for an older song that everyone knows from Hendrix or Zeppelin or the Allman Brothers, and for something newer, maybe a John Mayer tune or something.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of popular music is not very broad, and choosing songs that would speak to our audience, (which as of now is just parents, friends, and people coming to see the other bands), is not something I'm great at, so any help would be great.

All suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!


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Can't You See if a crowd favorite that we play. And we actually got people to dance to All Along The Watchtower once.


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Some songs my old originals bands covered:

Fire - Jimi
Take It As It Comes - The Doors
Peace Frog - The Doors
Love Me Two Times - The Doors
I'm Bored - Iggy
CC Rider - various
Paint It Black - Stones
Strange Brew - Cream

Not all at once, but over the course of a few years.

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... there's so many man :))

Here's a few suggestions...

Alone - Hearts
Gimme All Your Loving - ZZ Top
Summer Of 69 - Brian Adams
Black Velvet - Alannah Myles
The Road To Hell - Chris Rea
Get It On - T. Rex
Wishing Well - Free
Good Lovin' Gone Bad - Bad Company
Elected - Alice Cooper
Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer
Hold The Line - Toto
Cold As Ice - Foreigner
More Than A Feeling - Boston
Radar Love - Golden Earring
You Ain't See Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive
Edge Of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks

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We're doing Pretzel Logic by Steely Dan. It's a cool song with a cool shuffle beat that can be played with your own style if you want.


O.K. follow me said Black Keys, so I thought White Stripes, then Jack White, then Raconteurs, so your newer song is Raconteurs- "Steady as She Goes"

Though I too love the Doors "Peace Frog"...hang on...let me enjoy that thought for a second...............o.k., you mentioned doing Hendrix and John Mayer so maybe "Bold as Love" by Hendrix, which John Mayer covers adequately.

We better see a Youtube link of whatever you pick, especially after all of our hard work here...


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We've got two shows coming up, (one a little sooner than we'd like). If we play one of these tunes at either show, rest assured, footage will be shared. ;)


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I'm a firm believer in having at least a few slower dance songs for the couples.

"Melissa" is my all-time favorite Allman Brothers tune. That is as American as you can get. Sunny summer afternoon in an old convertible with your honey, roof down. Go for that one!


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Sometimes it's good to let a cover find you. Some of the most fun covers that my band has played stemmed out of a jam. One member is like "Hey that riff almost fits with ___!". Plus then it gives you a chance to kind of change the style of the cover.

This works well because you end up with a song thats within your music style, but also gives you a chance to expand your knowledge as a collective band.

But, that being said, the most fun ones that I've done are...

Led Zeppelin- Bring it On Home
Any Bob Dylan song EVER
The Raconteurs- Consolers of the Lonely