Help! Electric Drums?!


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I'm sorry if this topic has already been covered in another thread, but since i am short on time i cant afford to wade through the endless amount of threads to find the information i need. So if anyone could help me with this question, i would very much appreciate it.

I played acoustic for years. However my current circumstance prohibits the playing of acoustic because my apartment really really really doesn't accommodate for it. So i went out and bought an electric kit and after playing it for a while I've thought of expanding it. Since I'm a complete newbie to electric kits, i have no idea how i would do that! Its not like buying a new drum and propping it up somewhere on my kit anymore, now i have to think about wires, pads, brains.

If anyone could give me some info on what i need in order to expand an electric kit, please tell me.
what kind of kit did you buy? Does it have extra inputs that are not being used?
Yeh you need to check if can hold anymore normally they will if so just buy some more pads and plug them in to the brain it should work !!