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Morning folks. Lurked around for a while and decided to get on board.

I'm a 35 year old from Chicago. Started playing as a little kid, did quite a long stint in a few metal and punk bands....with some (relative) success. 12 years ago, I ventured into electronic production....which took me out of the acoustic side of things, as well as the environment of playing with other people. Eventually the time I spent away from the drum throne was exponentially longer than the time I had to sit down on it.

Recently got called on by one of my friends bands to replace someone who wasnt working out. So this is my "second wind" of sorts. Pulled the Spaun kit out of storage, started rebuying some cymbals and odds and ends and I once again feel that same drive and passion that made playing so fulfilling . There's a ton of rust and frustration that comes from such a long break and not being able to play things as immediately as your mind conceives them. But I'm trying to stay positive and realize that I've likely freed myself froma lot of bad habits and assumptions I might have had in place in my first life as a drummer.

Anyway, hello to everyone. I'm looking forward to exchanging knowledge and insights with everyone here.


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Welcome here and welcome back to drumming! Glad to have you. Give us some kit pics when you have a chance!