Great Sabian deal.....act now!!


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Got to browsing around the net and found this : 2 Sabian HHx Xplosion crashes for $299.99!!!!! Basically you get one for free. I now have these and they sound amazing. The sound I've heard in my head for the ultimate crash sound- and now I have it!!! Just thought I'd share this deal with you all! Merry Christmas to me!!! Rock on!!!..........
I purchased that "crash pack" from GC earlier this year. I kept the 18 and sold the 16 and almost made money on the deal.
Those HHXPlosion crashes are pretty neat cymbals. They're dark but very abrasive and cutting. Different than almost anything else I've heard. I had a 16" back in the day, sold it, kind of regret it.
I got this pack earlier in the year for $340... Kind of wishing I had waited! I love these crashes. The only two crashes I have that I like more are my 18" and 19" HHX Fierce and 18" AAX Dark.