good, cheap double bass pedal


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im planning to buy a double bass pedal
the price range would be around $250

i heard that DW ones are good, Tama and Pearl too as well
so which one should i buy?
Which ever one feels best to you. I say that because what may feel good to me or one of the other guys here may not feel good to you. You really need to head to a store and try a bunch out to see what feels best for you. DW, Pearl, Tama, Yamaha all make great pedals so you can't go wrong with any of them
Out of all of the pedals that i have tried in that price range, my favourite was the Pearl P-902 powershifter . I've also read reviews and none of them dropped below 8 out of 10 mostly 10. I can't express enough how good those pedals are definately check them out. I think you can pick one up for about $180 on ebay link:

Spoach about ebay though cause you could pick up a used Iron Cobra or Pearl Eliminator for about $250 and if it looks in good con and sounds in good con, the chances are it is.
I'll double the vote on Pearl entry-level pedals. I have not tried the 902, but I've been playing P-122TW for five years and I've tried P-1002. They are both well made and perform really well. They are almost as good as the Eliminator, just without all the adjustability.
Get a pearl eliminator. I have 2 bass drums, I bought 2 pearl eliminator pedals for 300$ cdn. Its not too much more than what you want to spend, and they are awesome pedals. I had iron cobras before and the eliminators are 10x the pedal. Get belt drive if you really want to fly! The interchangeable cams are a cool feature with the different feels as well.

Aside from axis/trick/demon drive, eliminators are your best bet. There's a lot of pros who use them and they are way cheaper than direct drive pedals
are you wanting a single chain or double chain. Do you live in the states? I might have a pedal for you.