Gimmick Devices for Your Car


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I have noticed that more and more people have come into the automotive repair shop where I work recently and they have asked me to install Gimmick devices on their cars that they have purchased on the internet. Most of these devices claim to increase fuel millage and performance. It is a fact that when economic conditions are poor these Gimmick products seem to crawl up from the sewers and people spend their limited resources on them. THESE DEVICES DO NOT WORK!!! Do not wast your money on them. If I developed a product that gave a care better milage and more horsepower, I would have no problem patenting it and selling it to the Automotive manufacturers! I would then be able to retire with the millions that they would pay me for my invention. I wouldn't have to flog it on the internet and on those sponsored TV shows on car enthusiasts channels. These products are only good for one thing. Making money for unscrupulous people. Do not fall victim to these marketing schemes! If these products worked the manufacturers would have them on their cars in a New York Minute!
Here is a link to a Dateline NBC show about a major scam!
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Good post Bob. Sometimes these fuel saving things are so ridiculous they're funny. I remember seeing one that was basically sticking magnets around your fuel line as if this would magically alter the fuel and make improvements in the vehicle. Or the vortex tornado thing to put in the air intake. Absolutely ridiculous.

However, ripping people off is not funny.


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Just another quick buck scheme that's too good to be true. They've been tested and tested and they don't do a thing. If people would take the time to change their driving habits they'd save on gas easily.


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Oh whilst we are on the subject I will be listing on E bay- and giving you all a heads up to grab a bargain!

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I saw that Dateline show and that clown Lee was such a well. clown.
Such idiots that fall into his scheme and buy franchises into his device. wow what an eyeopener.


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From the time that we are small children we are subject to advertising influences. Remember when you had to have those sneakers because you would be able to run your fastest and jump your highest? Women in the US spend a billion dollars a year on cosmetics that make your wrinkles disappear! It's not our fault. It is just a trait that makes us human. We want to believe that good things will happen if we obtain this product. We also have the need to trust others. The same traits that make us warm, friendly people are what these predators capitalize on. They also use our need to be successful to sell us their snake oil. When economic times are bad we are more vulnerable! We need a small miracle! That is why people fall harder for product fraud when times are hard.
When I tell my customers that these products don't work they will not take no for an answer. They forget that I have been repairing cars for thirty-five years! They forget that I have been working on their cars for over twenty years. They are simply in denial that they were taken in by a scam when they ordered that air intake tube and cone shaped air filter.