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They've done it again! Brazil were the favorites in my book, but Croatians just seem to love penalties. :unsure:
Yes, Croatia have done it again! I thought Brazil had done it when they broke the deadlock but they couldn’t see the game out. Argentina had better bring their A game! :unsure::)(y)
England didn't play well against Senegal but got the result,
They were terrible for half an hour then played really well IMO.
No, I don't fancy them against France. It looks like France are the best team left in the tournament. It England beat France, they can beat anyone else left in, even Argentina.
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It was, but that's not the reason England are going home. They got two penalties, it's not like they were robbed.
Owww, England out! Damn. They looked better than France that game.
Was it me or the refereeing was atrocious in that game?
Tchouameni and Giroud showed up big for France today. But England kept the game interesting for all 100+ minutes. And I think from start to finish they were the better team, just couldn't capitalize on those chances they had.
The writing is on the wall. Croatia and Morocco will play out a 0-0 draw in the final ...

Lean towards Croatia in the penalty shoot out because of their experience.
You could well be right! Croatia would deffo win a penalty shoot out. I’d love to see Morocco win it but still fancy the French… :unsure: :) (y)
Who’s everyone going for tomorrow in the final?

Argentina were one of my pre tournament favourites so I’m sticking with them, however the French are looking really good and probably a more solid team, all round.

Regardless, on paper it should be a thrilling match.

What’s the forums thoughts? Argentina or France?
It’s a toughy this one. France know how to win, but I’ve got a sneaky feeling Messi will show up tomorrow…however, France put a strong England side to bed and I can see them doing the same to Argentina… :unsure: