First Original from My Band...


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My new band, that is. I was in a super progressive band before, and i'm excited to play some more user-friendly rock.

We're poor college kids so we don't have the money for good recording equipment, but we get by with what we have.

The song is called Relativity. I kept the drums pretty laid back and didn't go too nuts with the fills. I think it works.

Check us out:

We also have a decent cover of Bullet the Blue Sky by U2 on the page as well.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, positive or negative.


-Mike from Of The Earth


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"May satans bowels spray tiny little nuggets of sin upon you that grapple your decrepit body hair and penetrate your epidermis through pale and porous skin until your swollen veins run brown with the acrid smell of a thousand feeble corpses pleading to avenge their damned souls, pouring out in wielding forces from the dim lit city streets and wallow upon their graves to feast upon tiny nocturnal creatures veraciously pleading for their slandered lives. : ) "
now that's inspired stuff..