DW Super Solid vs Top Edge?

Kae Vin

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I know it's a personal preference thing but I just wanna know what you guys think about these snares and your opinions on them! Thanks!

Duck Tape

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I like the super solid personally.

It made the 20 ply pearl ref next to it sound plain, and I liked the pearl.


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I owned a Super Solid Edge. Darn thing was extremely dry and choked regardless of heads or tunings. Finally got rid of it at a loss. I currently own an exotic finish Top Edge and it's a terrific drum. Because a wood bearing edge rests against the reso head, it is warmer than its regular Edge sibling but just as loud. Perfect marriage of wood and metal. Not suited for jazz or lighter playing though.

I have pics posted on the Pearl Drummer Forum - Dec snare of the month poll.