DW Service = The Best


So a few days ago I was giving one of my 2008 DW Snares a thorough cleaning. Because the inside of this particular snare is varnished I didn't think about the fact that using Pledge might remove the information inside the shell but it did. The born on date, order number, and shell note were all removed accept for a couple of digits. I knew some of the information (3 digits of the order number, the shell note, and Month/Year it was made). I called DW to ask if they could help me out. Mark Chavez spent 3 days cross referencing and searching based on the information I had. And guess what not only did he find it but he made it possible for me to get it re-stamped AT NO COST. He and Beto Benitez were great and went above and beyond to help me out. What a great experience and what incredible customer service. This is why I will continue to buy DW products because I know that not only are the drums of the highest quality but so are the people that work there.
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I too have had great response and positive customer service from John Good and Drum Workshop.