Does anyone know much about the Premier Cabria series?

That's a bit like the mahoganies that are used in cheap drums - Gretsch for example- as McCoy might have said, 'it's maple Captain, but not as we know it' Rosewood is the same with guitars. Species might be similar, but the maple used on high end drums is expensive, hence their retail price. Premier Signia were maple, and you can bet your bottom dollar the same maple was not used in the Vitria Series. There are no cheap maple drums, only drums made with cheap maple.
The wood you talk about as mahogany is called lauan or meranti. And although its called philipine mahogany by brands, it bears no resemblence to african mahogany at all (its mot even part of the mahogany family).

What im talking about is the difference in quality in maple and the different demographics (north american vs european for instance) which attributes to different prices.
I agree with the mahogany stuff, just what I'd been saying beforehand. Top end drums will only use North American Rock maple, it's the industry standard, and it's expensive, especially the further away from North America you are. hence, only top of the line Signia drums and later the Artist Maple drums, used American timber. No drum company in their right mind would use premium North American maple for mid-priced drums, only lower grade timber. As with Ludwig Rockers using American Hardwood, but not stating maple.