Dave Dicenso transcription

Terry Branam

Official DW Chief Transcriber
Hey everybody,

I did this transcription of the first section of Dave Dicenso's solo at the MD '06 festival. Dave is one of my favorite players and I wanted to share this with you all.

Hudson Music released the teaser clip which you can see here:


It just so happens that this is basically the part that I transcribed. The clip starts at the last line of page one.

FYI: this is still kind of a rough draft and I am still adding stickings, etc.

Well, here you go!

Thanks for that....

I'm a big Dicenso fan...
I think he shinned the most on the MD Fest 06....
You are very welcome guys.

I'm glad people are checking it out. I was a little worried at first, because I had no responses and only 20 views for the first couple of days. Not that it really matters. I just hope some of you get something out of this.

If you all dig the transcription let me know. Maybe I'll put some Vinnie up next.


Can you post a PDF of that or maybe even a MIDI File if you have?

That way it would be easy to work with - I do most of my transcribing stuff with Sibelius and it is pretty simple to export MIDI Files from there....

Great stuff man, that must have taken you hours....
Beautiful transcription! If I may ask, what software did you use?
Hey folks,

Thanks for the compliments. I used Finale for this one. I am still learning Sibelius as we speak. There are just some things I can't figure out how to do with Sibelius. Like having a circled notehead for instance.*I am sure I will get it eventually...

I made a zip file for Sick Rick with a MIDI file and the PDFs

The MIDI sounds like junk though with no dynamics. I hope it helps you in some way!

Have fun and good luck!!


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Hey thanks man - I will use the MIDI to slow it down - you know, import it to Cubase, use a better drumkit sound and edit it a bit. Lets see how much time I have for that.

I love Sibelius, I think the drumset notation is a million years ahead of Finale, but that is just me. A good friend of mine says the exact opposite... I think it is just a matter of personal preference and taste.

For me, Sib is much faster, more accurate and easier to use - but the way your transcrpition looks like, I don't see a need to switch anything.

Keep it up and yeah.... give us some Vinnie....
good job! I love the way the metronome is playing in dave's head thru the solo. awesome and a really tasteful player
Thanks Terry! You've got golden ears.

Dave Dicenso is the best. He's basically just better than everybody else--more groove, more dynamics, more grease, more crazy beats and reefed stuff. Even from watching the MD-fest people still have no idea what he's capable of.

Imagine if he got he dream theater gig...
Ha ha guys,

I actually forgot about this thread. Thanks for the kind words Bill. Yes, Dave is the man! Would love to see him get a high profile gig. He was in town a while back giving lessons, and I'm still kicking myself for not going. Should have gotten a sub for my gig.

For anyone interested in the transcription with stickings. just hit me with a private message.

Lutz, just wanted to say thanks again for your DiCenso transcription. I have been working it out on the kit lately. Really nice job!

Take care and stay tuned... Much more to come!!

You should do a Dave transcription book of some sort and get compensated for your services. Your skills are rare.

Well, to do some shameless self promotion in this thread, you might want to check out this thread right here:


I've posted two really big transcriptions of Dave's playing with two ton shoe from this youtube video.


I've transcribed both solos in detail, check it out. I only say this because Terry mentioned it in his last post, don't want to hijack this thread.

Terry: Great that you've worked these ones out, truly great playing. As you might have read, I more or less quit drumming a few months back, but I'm still real happy that some people get something out of the things I've posted.
Thanks Terry, great stuff!! Thanks for sharing, too!
You're the one who transcribed Gavin Harrison's two 05Ric albums, aren't you? I got that as well.
By the way, I always love to see Vinnie transcriptions :). And Gary Novak as well!! Especially the jazzier side of his playing, like with Allan Holdsworth.

Cheers and keep up with the great stuff!
Hey everybody,

Thanks again for the continued interest. It's good to know that you all like the transcriptions.
I located the file for this solo with the stickings added. I need to clean it up a little, then I will post it here. Stay tuned!

Hi Swiss Matthias,

Yes, that's me! Working on Gavin's book was a really great experience. It was some of the hardest stuff I've done! I'm very proud of it. Thanks for checking it out.

As far as any links to more transcription stuff, Here are a few right here at Drummerworld:


Also, there is some more stuff over at the clinic section:


Have fun with it!