Dark Theme for Drummerworld Forum is here!!


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Dark Theme is here - and I think it's beautiful.

All was managed by our member Supergrobi - what a cool big help!!

Where is it?

Go all down the page and at the left push "Drummerworld Default" - a window opens at the top of the page - there you choose.

Thanks for feedback - I love it and didn't expect it comes so nice. Again many thanks Supergrobi!!
love it...gonna try it for a while...I do this with all my other setups that allow it
Not bad, not great IMO. Seems a bit low contrast compared to the dark modes of my other apps. I wish the text was pure white instead of grayish and bluish, and the background darker.
My man Super! He got promoted to Technical Supervisor! Big props to you my friend!
While I like the dark theme in theory and do appreciate @Supergrobi 's admirable contributions to the forum's design, I find the standard white background more comfortable for reading, probably because I'm a lover of print material who has never particularly enjoyed relying on monitors. I feel that I'm working harder to focus with the black background. Still, having options is the only way to cater to divergent tastes. Nice work!
Cool I like diversity. So I can pick whichever suits my mood or atmosphere. Glad there was an easy fix kudos for the effort. Wow be careful going from dark back to light it’s blinding initially.
MUCH easier on my eyes. Perfect :cool: But, the regular white didn't bother me.
I love it too! There might be a glitch to work out, though, as I posted in the other thread... :)
I love it too! There might be a glitch to work out, though, as I posted in the other thread... :)
Looking at CMJ's post in that thread, it looks like he's using a different font than the default DW Aerial. If he's composing his posts in a separate editor, then maybe the font is completely foreign to the DW editor.