Chad Smith's Superbowl drum set


"Uncle Larry"
could not agree more..and where in the heck is the Eagles Logo? just wondering how many years until this set pops up on ebay?

There is a good portion of the drums you can't see, I'm guessing every team logo is on there somewhere...

Good call on the future Ebay auction. Count me out on that one.

Red Menace

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Take another look there MHD, I can see both of those logos from Grunt's picture. Look at the rightmost floor tom for Seattle and the left rack for Broncos.


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Why, I do see them now. Not nearly as prominent as they should be, but there just the same. It's just fun to do this again........

It's been a few years.


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"Yes ,thats right,Louis had a Gretsch double bass custom kit like 47,bizzare DEEEEEP tom and all.:)"

If i remember he used that configuration through the early 50s when i was a kid getting interested in drums probably 56 i remember sending away to gretsch for a picture of Louie there was a magnificent black nitron double bass kit with the cocktail drum in the middle

somewhere in there he switched to Rogers (dont remember if there was another brand in between - memory is getting dim :) )

just a bit of Louie reminiscing