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Hi there, just wanted to share that my Canopus artist page has been updated. Please check it out, it’s an honour to be associated with these great drum makers.



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The Bop has caught my eye too. I was comparing to a Renown in bop sizes. There are just to many good options. In bop sizes the kick is what I'm comparing sound wise most. For some reason 18 in kicks are in some strange zone to me. I really like 22, 24, and then a small 16 is almost my favorite. But from listening to many 18 in they seem dull to me till I heard the Yaiba Bop bass drum-it sounds fantastic to me-now I know it could be all recording hazing my opinion. Still it's a lil cannon. You can surely buy a cheaper kit in bop sizes that may sound just as good-it's all in the head. That's so true-100%. So I'm following the heads lead and give the Yaiba bonus points.
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But.......they're still made in Japan by same folks making their more expensive drums, right?

The only exception to them making any of their shells is their vintage series - which is made in the US by Bernie Stone who owns all the machines from the old Slingerland Factory - all that radio glue stuff that no one else can do anymore - Bernie Stone at Stone Custom Drums CAN do.

I remember seeing the Yaibas at NAMM and Taxi was giving me the whole talk about those drums...they are nice - the lugs are designed to look like swords, etc. Good playing drums for sure!!!