Can I reuse my BD head?


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Total noob here, so please forgive my ignorance. I just bought a kit with a brand new EMAD on the BD. I don't see a single mark on the head, and the foam is fresh and new. Inside the drum is a bedspread.

I am replacing all of my drum heads with silent stroke heads, because I'm just now learning to play drums and want to be able to practice/play whenever I want.

Can I keep my EMAD head and reuse it when I'm ready to replace the silent stroke heads? Or does tightening a head to a drum stretch it out and make it un-useable? Should I keep the blanket in the drum?

Thanks for any help.


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You should be totally fine to re use the head in the future.
(unless of course there is some unseen damage to it- but you stated that it seemed to be in good shape.)

Keep it and use it when you're ready.

As far as the blanket, I've never used the silent strokes, but I can't imagine there being too much need for the blanket. Blankets usually depend on one's preference anyway. I say keep it out for now.




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Yes, especially considering the fact that you probably didn't have a crazy amount of tension on it. Just be sure not to stack anything on the collar or store it in any way that would continually stretch it out.


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Can I keep my EMAD head and reuse it when I'm ready to replace the silent stroke heads?

Yes. You can reuse any drum head. The only time you need to replace a used head with a new one is when it
A) Doesn't sound good
B) Is severely pitted/stretched
C) Won't retain tension


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You can reuse it, and I would use the blanket for something else. Peace and goodwill.


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Bass drum is fine to reuse.. If it sounds like crap after replace it. Chances are if there is no damage it wasn't abused.

The snare drum and toms get hit with sticks as opposed to either a wood or felt beater in the center so they show more sounds of damage usually. Also drummers often over tighten their snares, or wait too long to replace those heads.

The bass drum goes BOOM when I play and I usually have a blanket in there too. At the tension I tune it too it's not as critical as my rack tom lets say for resonance.

That being said I have reused tom and snare heads if they are not super old. I'll replace the heads on my main kit and toss em on my other kit.