British Drum Co Aviator


Anyone have this? Would like to hear people’s opinion on it and how it might compare to say a Supraphonic. There’s a Supra and the aviator for sale near me, both in 5.5” depths and same price.




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Both are great snare drums but I'd give the edge to the Supraphonic. It's because of the sound, it doesn't get any better than a Supra.

British Drum Co snares are no slouches though, they have excellent build quality and style. And they sound great too, but not quite as good as a Supraphonic IMO.

Honestly you can't go wrong with either. If the British Drum Co speaks to you more, get that. If you can play them both side by side, that would be awesome. Pick with your ears, not your eyes!


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I've owned a number of Supras over the years, so in this choice, I think the adventurous side of me would lead to the Aviator. It looks great, it sounds great, has all the workings to become a classic - and it'd be a change from the usual. Aviator.




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Tough call between the BDC Aviator and Oriollo Phantom...

Both seamless aluminium, both have inverted bead, both around the same price.


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For about the same money as you spend on the Aviator you could get a Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic - a far superior aluminum shell that is sand cast instead of spun . The Alloy Classic has a better strainer and nicer hardware and to my ear sounds far superior to the Aviator .

This is no slight on the Aviator it’s merits stand on their own . They are nice snares but a tad overpriced IMHO for what you get .