Best Metal Voice?


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Oddly enough, I don't think of Maynard's voice as "metal" at all.
Yeah, but Maynard's voice is awesome, but being a tenor he still has a good range but isn't really a suited metal voice, so gentle and controlled but really driven if he pushes his singing (yes, actually sings)...he provides a good atmosphere to the band (someone used a sentence like that before) wouldn't be Tool without him.

Four best metal voices in my opinion:

1.Serj Tankian from SOAD
2.Jens Kidman from Meshuggah
3.Tobi from We Butter the Bread with Butter (OMG brutal pig squeels...BBRREEKACHUU!)
4.Brian Fair from Shadows Fall


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My personal favourites not all growlers though!

Rob Halford- The God

Mikael Akerfeldt- Opeth

Randy Blyth- Lamb of God

I agree about Scar Symmetry's old singer that guy was golden. Although the 2 new ones impress me a lot too.


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Ivan Moody - Five Finger Death Punch

He yells pretty mean, and his singing voice is damn good.

Listen to:
Noone Gets Left Behind
Bad Company
Hard to See
Death before Dishonor