Been a long time since I've posted something

That was good, I have listened to that style in while, it was energetic and nice to hear.
Thanks. I've been in this band for years. I find with punk and metal I enjoy playing it more than I listen to it in my playlists these days... Actually even when I practice it usually turns to funk or grooves, but it's still fun to play fast and hit hard!
Here's a video of my band jamming.
This is a live jam, with no edits.. I did it to see if I could get decent quality recording something in such an extremally loud room. I'm actually impressed with the sound I got considering the bleed in the mics.

Sounds great! I used to listen to this type of music a lot, and still enjoy it occasionally. Nice playing!
up the punx!!!
Interesting sort of a punk vibe but your playing is sort of metal-y while fitting just fine. I dig!
Whoa whoa hang on a minute you've got it on 78 speed...what?...its not 78?...your cleared by your doctor to do this?..well?.go ahead then but just be careful.
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