Anyone else buy this limited Tama kit?


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So, last year Tama released 25 of these shell kits in this finish featured in the link below. 10th anniversary starclassic b/b and specifically on this finish (other limited finishes are available for the anniversary kits but not as rare it seems) the outer layer of drum ply is elm. Also there was 25 optional matching snares as well.

I got one of these shell kits, an optional snare, as well as a second add on bass drum, and 2 8" toms. Now the toms I got because they were the only add on besides a bass drum Tama was offering and these were the last two. I was told up front that this is it. Tama will not make anything else in this finish, though every few months I have different reps ask for me to see if maybe they will budge.

Anyhow, anyone else get one of these kits? I have yet to find anyone else and all of them are sold out. I supposedly got the last one new offered, but not sure if there is a small drum shop out there that may have one still and I just never came across it on a google search.

Trip McNealy

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Nice finish! I don't have that limited run but I recently bought a display model of their 2016 Limited Edition B/B 3-pc kit in Electron Blue. It has like a ivory racing stripe in it. The B/B are a phenomenal value for the money, and I also recently got a 14x5.5 SLP Bronze snare to go with it - I am completely sold on TAMA drums and hardware nowadays, and even though I still play and love my Ludwig Classic Maples, the TAMA is just a lovely beast to break out at the gigs every weekend :)