Any Regal Tip Fans in the Toledo, Ohio area?


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Well, then you're in luck!

I grew up in the Toledo area, but have been gone for 25 years. I still make it back once or twice a year to visit (my Mom and sister still live in the area). Anyway, I was up for a visit this past weekend, and there is a great (mostly) used music store in the south-ish part of town called Heights Guitars. They specialize in guitars, but always have a decent selection of used drum gear and they always seem to have some oddball stuff that you would never expect to find and wouldn't find anywhere else.

Well, they do sell some new drum sticks, but I stumbled upon about 15-20 pair of new, old stock Regal Tip 7A, nylon tip, marked at $6 per pair! I didn't purchase any, because although I love Regal Tip and thin sticks, I am not a nylon tip guy. These are in new condition, and they have the green ink stamp. I also found three vintage pair of Regal Tip "Silhouette" model. Best I can tell, it looks like an older version of their Combo stick (again, nylon tip, so I passed). One of the three pair of Silhouette models was a Jo-Jo, which were Regal Tip second's back in the day.

I thought about buying their entire stock, but again, I'm not a nylon tip guy, and I'm not greedy. I wanted to leave them there for other drummers to discover and enjoy. If anybody is in the area, get them while you can.

They also had 3 pairs of new, old stock, in the box, Regal Tip 583R brushes, but those came home with me 😁

All in all, I bought the brushes, and I found two pairs of vintage new, old stock Pro Mark "G " sticks that were made in Japan with a gold foil logo. Very thin and very light sticks. I also found a new, old stock pair of Slingerland 7A sticks. I love finding hidden treasures like that.

Just wanted to pass along the info. Heights Guitars is always a must stop for me when I am home, and I have never not bought anything from them on each trip!

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I'll hit them up online & see if they can ship to me.
Just out of curiosity, why the dislike for nylon?

I'm not a wood tip guy, but if I were to find Regal's with wood tips, I'd still get them just because you can't anymore.