any famous songs with 2 hands (16ths) on the ride cymbal?

I'm glad you asked. There's a lot of adult language in the version with the best example.
Berlin Sex I'm a
Posted by Eric B on YT, the version from LA in 2002 is a great live raw recording.
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Peg....Steely Dan.
Berlin...yeah....good song....but that be a hat........we need more ride......and cowbell...and ride.
One hand on hi hat one on Ride surely ? more common than 2 hands? on one cymbal
Steve Gadd seen often doing two handed Ride - ride and hi hat-
heard all thru Chick Corea Friends LP and when I saw him live in a club in 76/7 with the orig Steps band
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Whip it. nah, that's triplets.
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Are those just practice pads? All I hear is the original track.
No, I removed the edrums because when I recorded this I didn't adjust the volume and it was distorting horribly, then I forgot about that video for years and found it recently when I was looking at what was stored on that camera so I decided to just put the original track and post it. I might re-upload it later with proper (newer drums).