Antonio Sanchez

Yikes - Someone please tell me there is another thread attached to his name. He deserves far more recognition than a 4-year old thread!

Anyway, saw him last night and I was completely blown away by his playing with the Metheny trio. I have had the good fortune to see many of the jazz greats, and I've got to say that very few play with the stylistic range, power and intensity that he does. Although his chops are out of this world, what really impresses me is incredible use of dynamics. I saw him use pretty much every surface of his brushes, rods, sticks, and hands to generate all kinds of unique sounds on his cymbals and drums. Although Metheny and Scott Colley were great, Sanchez played at another level entirely.

Unless you have been living under a rock these past few years, you already know he composed the Birdman soundtrack. Equally awesome are his Three Times Three and Meridian Suite albums.

Seriously, check this guy out.
Dude’s great, huh? I like the scratchy thing he did with the stick on the cymbal. A guy I knew who ended up gigging with Diana Ross used to scratch a drum key on his cymbals in lieu of wind chimes, and it was so much better than wind chimes. Sherwood Mobley. I believe he’s dead now.

Sure would hate to be his tech, though. He’s as bad about scrunching as I am, and with all that stuff, his tolerances have to be super small.