Acoustic kit converted to Electric?


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Hello, new to the forum. I wasn't sure where to ask this, I hope this is the right place.

I've been playing drums for 15 years but I moved last year and haven't set up my drums in my new apartment out of respect for my neighbors.
What I want to do is set my kit up with mesh heads and triggers, so I can play silently but still be able to hear the drums through headphones. Who has successfully turned an acoustic kit into an electric kit, and what are the best heads/triggers to buy, and of course, what kind of mixer would be the best to process the triggers? Any info I could get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
If you have neighbors under you regardless of what type of kit they will most likely here the thumping from your bass pedal.
Ddrum triggers are nice, the pro series especially, though the redshots are pretty fine too.

In terms of mesh heads, Roland supply 2 ply, but the problem is they only go up to 14", so obviously aren't going to work with an accoustic conversion.

With that in mind I would suggest using drum-tec, they make nice 2 ply white heads (black too maybe). The company is based in germany though, so I'm not sure how much shipping would be outside of Europe. They are a major stocker for electronic drums/parts and have an eBay store.

By mixer I'm guessing you mean a module of some kind.
A second hand td-10 would be pretty ok, the roland modules are generally quite nice. TD3 is alright if you want something cheaper.

However If you want the best sounding e-drums then I would suggest you use software.
You could get a hardware Alesis trigger I/O and run it with a laptop/computer using BFD / Superior / or similar.

Are you in europe? If you are then I could source you a shopping list of sorts if you like.