13" A Mastersounds


Anyone else own these? Just got em a few months back and always get loads of compliments at shows. They're so crisp and cut well and maintain a good full-bodied sound all at once. I would almost compare them to Copeland's Paiste's he used back in the 70's/80's.
I played a pair the other day at GC and liked them. I usually do not like the sound of 13" hats but these have me scratching my head and am considering going back to get them.
I got this pair of Hats about 4 months back and i'm totally satisfied it. The sound is so full-bodied and crisp. Specially the open hi-hat sound makes me wanna keep opening it. hah! Well i always wanted a 13" pair and finally i have them. Great pair of hats!!!
I use them as aux pair now. They are great for what I was playing a while back but don't quite cut it for Metal. lol

(store demo pair) picked them up cheap, I don't think I will ever get rid of them. Great hats.
I have a pair of these. they are not as forgiving as say my old 13" Zildjian new beats, they are a little heavier and much louder. But once you adjust to them they are incredible sounding. It took me about a month to get used to them and more importantly figuring out how to play them musically.
But like I said once you get used to them the sound is unbelievable.
I love the sound of 13 inchers, I play 13" K's as my staple and I love em!!!