1. M

    Delay on EAD10

    Does anyone get a similar delay with the Yamaha EAD10 when using the Rec n Share app? I have the camera adapter, contacted Yamaha support, and updated my cables, but still same. Just wondering if this is normal.
  2. HampusMagasin


    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 7x14 vs Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14 Think you can hear a difference between an aluminium and a maple drum? Well, Imade a blind test for you all! The answer will be posted in this thread tomorrow :) Tell me which one is your favourite!!
  3. D

    Yamaha ead10 help import file

    Hey,new user here, ive tried to import a kick sample so i can use it. Unfortunately i must be being really dim as once the file is imported i cannot figure out how to use it? I do have the advanced manual but just cant see the right steps. Does anyone have a step by step guide i can follow...
  4. A

    Need advice for choosing a Drum Kit

    Hello Everybody! I am new here and I would like to ask you a question. I have the chance and/or opportunity to purchase a new drum kit. First I would like to play mostly rock, hard rock, metal and others. 3 kits caught my attention and I would appreciate your comments and advice. 1. Used -...
  5. L

    Yamaha DTX Pro Module - Snare Rim does not work

    Hello! I've got a problem with my Yamaha DTX8K-M drums. I don't know if I changed some settings by mistake, but for the past 2 weeks, my snare rim does not work. Every time I hit the rim, I get a lowered volume snare sound instead of a rim sound. Could anyone help me? Thank you!
  6. D

    My new Yamaha MCA: Is this normal?

    This is the bassdrum of my brandnew MCA - but as you can see on the pictures there are quiet a few scratches on it... Is this normal for a new set? Or should I complain? Is it due to the Vintage Finish? I must say that I am a bit disappointed, since I take good care of my kits and my ten year...
  7. D

    I don't want to go on vacation: My new Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

    Poor image quality, bad lighting, only mobile phone pics, drumset not set up properly, but... I just had to show them to you! The first pics of my new and long-awaited Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute! I've been wanting this kit for eight years now and about half a year ago I finally placed the...
  8. D

    Dusted Orange: Bass & Drum Solo

    Hey Guys, Check out a recent vid of myself and the bass player (Jason) from a dustedORANGE Show in Melbourne, Australia. Hope you like. Cheers G http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=81846300440
  9. branflakes992

    Superkick II on a Yamaha Beech Custom?

    I recommended a super kick II to my band instructor but i don't know if its a good match for a Beech kit. would anyone know? thanks!