yamaha 9000 drum kit

  1. T

    1987 Yamaha 9000 kit

    Im using my old Yamaha 9000 kit in the studio, they look and sound great, here is some footage recorded on a phone. http://fandalism.com/tonicannelli/efyT
  2. C

    1980 Yamaha 9000

    Hi I'm after your opinion here. I've got the chance to buy a Yamaha 9000 from 1980 (I've checked the serial numbers). The kit is 10x10, 12x10, 15x13 and 22x16. For £850 It has been dry stored for the last 25 years. I read that the older kits had springs in the lugs which make noise . I want...
  3. 1

    Help dating yamaha 9000 made in England

    Hi a couple of months ago I bought a yamaha 9000 Cherrywood the bass drum and toms are made in England and the two floor toms are made in Japan, I have seen threads about this topic before on here and they were very helpful. Yamaha made drums in England from 1987-1991 I think, and the serial...
  4. joao3208

    Yamaha Recording Custom in cobalt blue / Deep Aqua

    Anyone know something about this particular color in the RC line back in the late 80's -early 90's? I have had a hard time digging info about this color. Also, anyone know how long did Yamaha make the Deep Aqua finish? I know it came after the YESS' introduction,... According to my catalogs they...
  5. joao3208

    Yamaha late 80's early 90's drum hardware

    Hello drummerforum, First time posting, stumbled with the forum a few months ago. I have found this forum informative with useful advice for anyone who looks for answers on drums. Anyway, I am Juan from So. Cal, a Yamaha drum fan currently building/collecting Yamaha drums and hardware. Here is...
  6. R

    Yamaha Recording Custom 9000

    There's a guy selling some Yamaha Recording Custom 9000's that he says is dated from January 1983. I don't know much about these drums, but just wondering if anyone knows if these are birch or maple shells without having the serial numbers? It has a 8X12, 9X13, 16X16 toms and a 24X14 kick...
  7. D

    Modern or vintage drums ?

    Over the years I have bought a 70sLudwig Black beauty snare, a 60s Ludwig 400 and my favourite Fibes snare from 70s (see groove check video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoG052B7MvY I also have a Japanese Yamaha 9000 from the 80s, all drums sound amazing and keep going up in value.What are...