1980 Yamaha 9000


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I'm after your opinion here. I've got the chance to buy a Yamaha 9000 from 1980 (I've checked the serial numbers). The kit is 10x10, 12x10, 15x13 and 22x16. For £850

It has been dry stored for the last 25 years.

I read that the older kits had springs in the lugs which make noise . I want to use the kit specifically for recording do you think this will be an issue? I can't go to see the kit because it is a 6 hour drive away.

What do you think?



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i've got something very similar and have never had problems with rattling lugs, the usual build quality you'd expect from Yamaha. Although you'll never know until you see them...


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Thanks for your reply, the kit looks like it's in great condition. So I guess it'll always be worth £850. I may take a gamble and buy it. What are your thoughts on the Tom sizes?


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I think the power sizes look silly now, but sound just fine. I recently started playing my power tour custom kit again. 10X12, and 11X13. I've been playing shallower toms the last several yrs. so these feel strange. They're not capable of setting as low on the kick as the shallow toms. They sound real good though. I'm wanting to get the 2 toms cut down a bit so I'm more comfortable with them.

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I'd grab them.

If the lug springs should ever have a "buzz" issue when you record
you can go old school, remove all the lugs, polish them up and pack
them with one of a few different options: cotton ball, felt, foam, polyester
furniture batting, etc. Everyone has a preferred method. Just google
it and choose what you think will work best for you. But they all quiet
spring buzz.