triggers for drum set

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    Triggering Your Drums Is NOT Cheating! A discussion about drum triggers. Drummers who use triggers are cheating... Wait, WHAT!? Why are people so adamant and quick to say this? That’s a pretty bold statement. Join me in discussion as I go over the reasons why...
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    ddt Acoustic Trigger Set 4xTom Snare Dual 1xKick

    Hello Drummers, does anyone have experience with the mentioned ddt trigger set? It has a very good price and looks fine.
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    Drum triggers - best options?

    Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my old Alesis DM5 piece by piece by replacing the pads with acoustic drums fitted with Remo Silentstroke mesh heads and some kind of trigger. Eventually I’ll upgrade the brain and the cymbals. I mainly use it for practise but it’s not good enough for recording and...
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    Finding Samples For Trigger Pads as a Pop Drummer

    So I've been trying to find more professional side-job gigs and I've noticed that a lot of drummers these days have been using sampling pads and triggers to make them more versatile and put off a more "Modern" sound, so I've been thinking about trying out an entry level pad and upgrading to a...
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    Magnatrack drum triggers

    Anyone seen the magnatrack triggers? They're promising better response/dynamics and seem dead easy to fit to whatever drum. They're currentcurrently running an indiegogo
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    I was wondering if someone is using triggers for whole set and just overhead mics how would he record that sound,what equipment would he needed? and if triggers needs module could you use module for overheads?
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    Need a help!

    if you are triggering whole drum set and you just using overhead mics do you need to connect and triggers to module and mics to mixer,or if it's possible to connect overhead mics to drum module same as triggers?
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    How do triggers work

    I love the sound of triggers, and know that professionals use them...but can someone explain them to me, how the work, and like do they work with mics or replace them or what? Thanks in advance.