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    Reading other instruments parts

    Over the years of doing reading gigs, I got used to using other instruments parts (when there was no drum parts or the drum parts were poor) I either read trumpet parts or bass parts.Here is a good exercise using the Rhythm section drumming book by Frank Corniola, read the bass parts (follow the...
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    Single -doubles workout

    wrote this in 2009, (the every day words help the students understand the feel of 32ths).I put a demo on Youtube the other day, playing it at 40-70-and 100 bpm, I gave a plug to the brilliant Bill Sanders practice pads.
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    Tribe Vibe exercise

    Here is an exercise I composed in 1995 to help students with World Rhythms, reading stabs and linear drumming. Go to to watch my video performance and a link for the music minus drums.
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    Bohemian Rhapsody drum score

    Did this video to help my students read my drum chart and count the bars of 6/4 4/4 and the rall at the end. Music minus drums is on YouTube search master track drumless.
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    The four stages of learning

    Hope this is useful to someone. Regards Toni Cannelli
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    Steely Dan, The Fez, drum cover

    Its Bernard Purdie week at my teaching studio, we are putting drums to the Fez by Steely Dan. Play along track from
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    Moeller technique groove

    When playing one handed 16th at 84 bmp or faster, I use the Moeller technique (down-tap-tap-up) I practice to the song called between the sheets by the Isley Brothers.I think Jeff Porcaro used a similar technique, he was the king of this kind of groove...
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    Beats-rudiments exercise

    The idea is to practice drum rudiments and beats together.The exercise covers five,six,seven and ten stroke rolls,paradiddles,inverted paradididdles,triple ratamaque and flamacue,hope you like it.
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    finger control groove

    Check out my finger control groove, you need to work on seven stroke and five stroke rolls to make it happen. This demo is 98bpm, played to track 62 from the Jim Riley book called Survival guide for the modern drummer.Video demo
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    Casiopea drumless track

    I found this great drumless track on line by Casiopea (Jazz funk band from Japan),It’s pretty hard to play (no click) and you have to play a drum solo (with stabs) after the bass solo.The drummer on the original track was Akira Jimbo. here is the link...
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    career advise

    As a teacher / session player I’m constantly asked “ how do I make it in the music busines “ the answer is - be so good that they can’t ignore you, luck is an opportunity met with preparedness.
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    Drums at the front book

    Check out this great drum book by Pete Ray Biggin, the book has play along tracks from his band called pb under ground.( in the style of E.W.F and Tower of power) each track has written drum parts ,easy, intermediate and advanced.I had the pleasure of teaching Pete when he was a kid, he has gone...
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    Four part time keeping lesson

    The last step of this four part lesson can be a wake up call,its a reality check that really helps your timing.Check out the video.
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    Creative sticking patterns

    Three sticking patterns( plus imagination) will keep you busy for a long time!,here are three of my favourites,video demo.
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    Jackson groove

    Came across this old idea today,its a drum break for Shake your body by The Jacksons.Video example.
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    student motivation

    As a drum teacher I try to avoid telling students what to think, but help them develop the ability of 'how to think'.One exercise I use to get them to believe in themselves is to choose a track from the Jim Riley book called the survival guide for the modern drummer, develop a drum part and...
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    Bruford rhythm chart

    Check out one of my old drum transcriptions of a Bill Bruford track called Joe Frazier.I only write the bass and snare so i can add my own cymbal parts,Here is my video demo.
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    paradiddle diddle lick.

    With imagination you can get millions of ideas from rudiments, one of my favourites is the paradiddle diddle (RLRRLL).Here is one way (from a video I made about 25 years ago) Bass and crash on the first right,the double rights are played on the toms,in the clip i play it six times (the song is...
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    writing drum charts

    I encourage my students to write personal drum charts when using the Jim Riley book called The survival guide for the modern drummer, it builds their confidence and makes them more creative. Here is one of my road map charts for track 9 (Blues Rock) and video...
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    Exorcist 15/8 lesson

    Here is my odd time lesson, based on Exorcist theme.