toni cannelli drummer

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    This is a great track to play! 140 bmp Jazz/latin.Love the Buddy Rich big band version and the Horace Silver - Blue Note Records version, the play along track comes from the Buddy Rich playalong book ( the trumpet solo is amazing).
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    Mercy ,Mercy,Mercy Cover

    This song was a big part of my childhood!, written by Joe Zawinul and arranged for the Buddy Rich Big band.
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    Playing vintage drums

    Im a fan of vintage drums and well made contemporary drums, I love the distinctive sound of my 80s Yamaha 9000 kit and 70s Fibes snare drum.Here is a drum break I recorded a while ago, the drums have no EQ(straight into the desk).
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    Jim Riley survival guide book

    Love track 66 from the Jim Riley book!, its 160 bpm and great to play.Ive gone for a Weather Report vibe. The book is a work of art!,highly recommend .
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    Soloing over a piano Montuno

    Im currently in rehearsals for a Latin-Jazz album, here is my attempt at soloing over a piano Montuno, I try to play the 2-3 clave rhythm with my left foot (cowbell ).
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    Playing "in the pocket"

    Keep it simple,play in the pocket!, this track by Harvey Mason called Spell,is a great example,its about control and taste.
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    The Buddy Rich up close DVD is brilliant!, you get versions of the songs minus drums, here is my attempt at Greensleeves.
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    Mercy ,Mercy,Mercy Cover

    Love this Buddy Rich Big band version on Joe Zawinul track called Mercy,Mercy,Mercy.
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    Big Band rehearsal

    Rehearsing a chart called Nutville (by Buddy Rich orchestra ).
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    T.O.P transcription

    One of my all time favourite albums is Urban Renewal by Tower of Power.Here is my transcription of the late great drummer David Bartlett, give it a play!. Here is my video performance.
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    Tribute to Allan Holdsworth

    Very sad about the passing of guitar legend Allan Holdsworth, loved his music and the great drummers he used.Here is my version of Atavachron (midi file ) .
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    Night in Tunisia

    When getting students to appreciate jazz, I start them with this Chaka Khan version of Dizzy Gillespie song called Night in Tunisia. Play along comes from
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    1987 Yamaha 9000 kit

    Im using my old Yamaha 9000 kit in the studio, they look and sound great, here is some footage recorded on a phone.
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    vintage Fibes snare drum

    Used my 70s Fibes snare drum on a session today, producer loved it.
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    Better tone from the drum kit

    Here is one of my exercises ,for better tone from the drums.
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    Can you name this drummer?

    Many years ago, I watched a documentary about Cuban Jazz on BBC 2. I videoed this guy playing a drum solo, it goes of the scale!,incredible groove and creativity and double bass technique beyond belief.Can you name him?.
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    Dennis Chambers book

    Check out the Dennis Chambers book, called serious moves, here is my version of the track called Make me.
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    Jeff Lorber playalong tracks

    Check out I tunes , search Ash Soan ,for these great tracks by Jeff Lorber (minus drums). Here is my version of Circles.
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    Songo groove

    Here is my interpretation of Songo, from the new Jim Riley book.
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    Groovin' Hard cover

    Love the new Buddy Rich play along book!, here is one of my fav arrangements called Groovin' Hard.