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  1. S

    AAX Xplosion Vs AAX stage crash Vs HHX evolution (16")

    Hey guys so I'm in a sort of a dilemma, I need you help. I'm a semi hard to hard hitter depending on what music I'm playing, and I'm looking for a versatile crash with great sound, punch and musicality. Cheers!
  2. D

    Brad Mahldau drum improvisation

    Brad Mahldau drum improvisation to Dreamer.
  3. Z

    Sabian Cymbal, don't know what series?

    I have two Sabian cymbals a 16" crash and a 22" ride, the crash has wrote on it "Thin Crash" and that's it, it don't say what series, and my ride just says "Medium Ride" also don't say what series, I was told they might of been made before Sabian came out with the series ( HHX, HH, AAX, AA...
  4. C

    My First Drum Video

    Hey people!! I just joined to share my first drum video. Good and bad comments are always welcome!. I want feedback so I can learn and see what I have to work on. Hope you guys like it!
  5. D

    Sabian HHX

    I have endorsed Sabian for years, The HHX are my favorites.Here is a video clip, regards Toni Cannelli
  6. A

    Not too much ping

    I'm currently considering buying a 21" Sabian AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride, I wanted to know about crashing on this ride to some extent? I like a ride that can fill up a chorus, and not just articulate the strokes. (I dont mean using this ride purely as a crash...) Does the RBDR sustain enough for...
  7. IKilledCalypso

    Double Bass Trouble

    Hi guys I've been drumming for around 4 years and double bass for two. Usually, i have no problem with my double kick, but all of a sudden i can't do anything! I was comfortable at speeds from 180 bpm and above, using mainly my whole leg, lifting it up and down instead of using my toes. I had a...
  8. I

    Cymbal stands?

    Hey, I'm new to playing drum kits (played snare/tenors in marching band...) anyway, I just bought a drum kit and some cymbals and I don't know what kind of cymbal stands to buy for them. I already have the hi hats stand. I understand there are boom and straight stands but which goes with what...
  9. sewolawen73

    TAMA Rockstar Traps Revised!

    I recently got a new front kick with my band's logo on it (courtesy of Evans Inked) and it inspired me to give the whole kit a major makeover. Basically I converted to a 1-up, 2-down configuration, put away my 13" tom and took out my 14" tom (which I haven't used in 10 years) and attached it to...