TAMA Rockstar Traps Revised!

I recently got a new front kick with my band's logo on it (courtesy of Evans Inked) and it inspired me to give the whole kit a major makeover. Basically I converted to a 1-up, 2-down configuration, put away my 13" tom and took out my 14" tom (which I haven't used in 10 years) and attached it to a Tama combination stand hanging low. Also bought a Tama single tom mount for more space on the kick and Voila!

TAMA Rockstar (Misty Chrome finish) with hardware (purchased 1996)
22"x16" bass drum
12"x10" rack tom
14"x12" floating floor tom
16"x16" floor tom

14"x6.5" snare (not pictured)
13"x11" rack tom (not pictured)

LUDWIG Supraphonic (late 70s/early 80s)
14"x5.5" snare

EVANS drumheads
EQ3 batter / Inked reso on bass drum
G2 coated batter / G1 clear reso on toms
HD Dry batter / Hazy 300 reso on Tama snare
Power Center Reverse batter / Hazy 300 reso on Ludwig snare

SABIAN cymbals (except where noted)
14" AAX Stage Hats
8" AAX Splash
10" AAX Splash
13" AA Salsa Splash
16" AA Medium Crash
22" Paragon Ride
21" HHX Legacy Ride
20" HHX Chinese / 8" bell splash (stacked)
12" Ice Bell
14" WUHAN chinese

18" AA Medium Crash (not pictured)
18" AA Medium Thin Crash (not pictured)

TAMA Iron Cobra Power Glide double pedals with wood beaters (left-handed)
LP Ridge Rider cowbell
Revolution Stick Silo

For a comparison, here's a link to the old configuration. Excuse the quality of the pics.


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