1. S

    Audix vs Digital Reference Snare Mic

    Digital Reference vs Audix snare mic... is it worth it? I finally upgraded my snare mic but what do you think?! Let me know!
  2. EdwardJohnAllen

    Avoiding "snare rattle" on 10" Tom (when playing and for recording)

    Hi This is partly a drum tuning question and partly a miking recording one too so I wondered if you had any advice to help me with the following please. I have a 6 piece kit in a finished basement of say 20 x13Ft. Try as I might I cannot stop the snare drum rattling in sympathy when I hit the...
  3. C

    What is your 'go to' drum kit to record with?

    Hi Drummer World!. I'm interested to get peoples input on a lil' debate between myself and a colleague the other day. What's the standard 'go to' drum kit nowadays when setting up a new studio? Obviously this can usually be tied into budget/availability etc but still, 'in an ideal world'...
  4. S

    Swapping kits and Mics

    Someone asked about when I swap kits for recording what's involved... so I just did a simple fast forward / time lapse style video to show how I got from one kit to another in my basement for recording drum videos. Any questions just ask! Thanks for watching!
  5. S

    Gator Frameworks adjustable 9" clamp attachment

    For anyone who is recording drums this thing is great! It's a huge space saver and great for tight space conditions. Want to save on stands this is definitely a great option! I now have two of them, one for my hihat and one for my ride. They work great for what I need them to do. I put a small...
  6. S

    Cheap recording solution on PC for practice?

    Hi, I got an e-kit. I want to record my own practice playing along with some drum-less tracks on mp3's or audio CDs. Could someone recommend a PC software which doesn't cost me an arm and a leg? (Windows' "Sound Recorder" is pathetic. It can't record more than that 1 min and the quality is...
  7. W

    Sonor S-Classix Bop Set

    I just received my bop set. It's making nice with the Yamaha's for now. Sonor S-Classix in Walnut Roots. 10x8 Tom - Remo Fiberskin 3 over stock clear ambassador 14x14 Floor Tom- Remo Fiberskin 3 over stock clear ambassador 14x5 Snare -Remo Stock Coated ambassador over stock clear ambassador...
  8. SabianDrummer

    home recording

    as u can see in my pic. thats where i play my drums i have a wierd layout in my basement i play my drums in a corner and then theres a whole room in front of me and most everything the walls and floor are solid concrete what could i use to make this better for recording/playing would some of...
  9. SabianDrummer

    Micing Drums

    im on tight budget whats the cheapest way to mic my drums and what are some mics i could use?
  10. da_qtip

    Recording Equipment Assistance

    I have a plethora of question for you kind scholars. My parents bought me some drum mics for my birthday but they weren't exactly sure which brand to get. The guy working there recommended the Samson 7 piece over a similarly priced Shure set. Have you guys heard anything good about Samson? As...
  11. J

    Some recording advice, please

    Hi all. I don't know too much about recording, so please bear with me... Up until now, I've been recording with V-Drums primarily due to their ease of use. I can record a track as MIDI, and then mute individual drums to get a full multi-track file with each drum on a separate channel...
  12. R

    Help me with Mixing!

    Hello every one. Im new to recording and I am useing multipul mics. Can some one offer some advice on a cheep mixing device. I have 2 overhead mics 4 tom mics 1 snare mic and 1 bass drum mic. Help some one!!
  13. Dom Chandler

    Drum tuning toms???

    Hi people, I'm looking for a bit of info, A lot of drummers agree that using the same thickness heads top and bottom on toms helps with air displacement and phase between heads, overtones and generally helps get both heads in sinc, I prefer to use either coated or clear Emporers on top and...