recording drums on camera

  1. sandstrom

    Studio Recording For Swedish Artist

    Gang, Here's a drum recording I did for the great Swedish artist Attila Bokor. If you like music with twists, but without losing the melodic side, this might be something for you. Hope you check it out and tell me what you think. Peace, Love &...
  2. D

    How can I improve my playing?

    Hi everyone, below is linked a video of my first cover on YouTube, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could give me any feedback or constructive criticism, thanks!
  3. D

    Take a look at my cover please!

    Hi! Please check out my cover recorded using a Zoom Q3HD camera, all feedback is welcome! :)
  4. D

    Take a look at my cover!

    Hi everyone, I'd really appreciate it if you took a look at my drum cover and gave me any feedback please. The video was recorded using my new Q3HD, thanks for taking a look :)
  5. D

    Check out my Linkin Park cover!

    I'd greatly appreciate it if you watched my cover on YouTube and gave any feedback, thanks! :)
  6. D

    Please take a look at my first YouTube video :) Please take a look, like, subscribe if you want :) It was recorded using my new Zoom Q3HD which is great! Thanks
  7. paolodrumz

    Last Mistake - Drum Recording Session Promo

    Hi to all my collegues! My name is Paolo, i'm an italian semi-pro drummer. I'm 23 and this video is from my newest project called Last Mistake, it's a Special Heavy Rock Band formed in 1998, I joined these guys just few months ago. Here's a short promo clip from the drum tracks recordings...
  8. J

    Recording Drums

    I'm a complete novice when it comes to electronics and computers etc. I want to start recording myself play and upload the videos to YouTube but I have no idea what sort of equipment and software I will need like Mics, mixers, Adobe premier or stuff like that. Can someone give me a rough idea...
  9. R

    Video Taping Rehearsals/Practice Sessions

    Hello all, I am searching for a video recorder in order to tape myself practicing in my studio at home as well as rehearsals and performances with others. The two types of groups I play with currently are jazz combos and prog rock (a la bruford/crimson). I don't have an unlimited budget but...
  10. J


    Hello, im wondering what equipment do i need to start my own home recording studio thing for my drums. Right now all i have is a lap top what else should i get. I know you need mics but some times it sounds good without them please help.
  11. Tribes78


    Hey guys, second post :D I have a Q for all those 'A'ers out there. I have a basic camcorder and decided that it would be a good idea to record myself jamming to put on the internet. I tried it and it failed miserably. The sound quality was terrible. The room I practice in is an 8" by 8" cube...