recording audio video

  1. dwsabianguy

    Channeling Kris Myers in one of my band's originals

    I've been listening to a ridiculous amount of Umphrey's McGee lately (The London Session is so good) and I've been thinking of ways to incorporate more toms into my usual playing - I love the way Kris Myers uses the various pieces of his kit and I've been doing my best to take some of his ideas...
  2. D

    How can I improve my playing?

    Hi everyone, below is linked a video of my first cover on YouTube, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could give me any feedback or constructive criticism, thanks!
  3. D

    Take a look at my cover please!

    Hi! Please check out my cover recorded using a Zoom Q3HD camera, all feedback is welcome! :)
  4. D

    Zoom Q3HD Video Recorder

    I've recently been told about the Zoom Q3HD video recorder and have heard that it's very good for sound quality, including recording drums. Could anyone who owns a Zoom Q3HD please tell me what it's like and if it's worth buying? Thanks
  5. D

    Take a look!

    Here's a small piece I made up on the spot, it's a bit all over the place and has some timing and dynamic issues and I'd appreciate any more feedback I can get on it, thanks!
  6. M

    2:22 min of Groove!!

    Hi My friends This is an instrumental song Called Manhattan Jam. Im Playing with Gretsch Catalina Maple ,Cymbals Ufip and Turkish. Manhattan Jam: More videos on My You Tube channel...
  7. J

    Recording Drums

    I'm a complete novice when it comes to electronics and computers etc. I want to start recording myself play and upload the videos to YouTube but I have no idea what sort of equipment and software I will need like Mics, mixers, Adobe premier or stuff like that. Can someone give me a rough idea...
  8. drummerdude9610

    Software for recording

    Hey, I like playing along with songs and I was wondering is there any kind of software out there that you can record audio and video at the same time. So I can make drum covers and things like that. It would be cool if I can somehow push the record button on the computer and it would start the...