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  1. C

    Private drum lesson planner template

    Hey everyone, Does anyone have a really good and easy to use Private drum lesson planner template? I find the calendars on google etc just a bit clunky and there must be some other ones out there that do the job really well. Thanks guys!
  2. ColinMcCowan

    Updated drumming guide for beginners

    Hello fellow drummers. If there are people on here who visit regularly you may remember me posting a Beginner's drum guide thread some time ago. I have since reworked the guide and am working on something publishable. If you're a new drummer or an instructor with student's who are just...
  3. W

    Drum Teachers all over the USA and Australia

    Hello, I'm a Portuguese drum student. I have a great teacher in Portugal, Michael Lauren, and at the moment I don't know if I'm going to work abroad in Australia or USA. I already received some offers but I rejected because I really want to keep my drum studies and with Michael Lauren I've...
  4. G

    The Black Keys - Strange Times Cover

    What's up everyone? I posted a new cover of "Strange Times" by the Black Keys, so I wanted to share it with you. I'll be posting a lesson for this song in the next few days for anyone interested in learning it. https://youtu.be/WPMlCcoqUv4 Thanks! Geoff wwwgattsdrums.com YouTube User...
  5. D

    Drum Junkies Drum School

    Hey everyone!!! =) Drum Junkies a final year project of a music student studying at BIMM university in the UK! (go easy on us, haha) 'Drum Junkies' is a online resource for FREE drum lessons, Transcriptions, Covers. We'll have guest tutors and much more! We are currently finishing off our...
  6. C

    Matched vs Traditional Grip

    Please visit http://re-percussions.blogspot.com/ for advice on grip techniques. Also featured is set up advice and tuning tips, amongst other things. Please leave a comment - I'd love to hear feedback on any of the topics.
  7. C

    Guide for Beginners

    Please visit and support my blog, a guide for new drummers: http://re-percussions.blogspot.com/
  8. OrangeAgent27

    Drum Lesson Fee? How much is "high"?

    Hello all, So today I signed up for lessons at my local music shop and was a little put-off by the cost. I was just curious of what you thought of these particular rates, as I have no experience with it. http://www.rocketeria.biz/instructors.aspx The cost was $35 for a half hour. I've...