1. S

    Sabian crash with loud bell

    Hey! Need some advice, really looking for a Sabian crash cymbal to add to my collection preferably AAX 18” that has a super loud almost ride like bell?? Anyone got an idea what range would be best? Cheers
  2. kaancelenjazz

    Hello Everyone!My new album is out

    I am Kaan Çelen, a disabled drummer from Türkiye. The release of “Fellowship,” debut album of A.K.A., on digital platforms is just around the corner, scheduled for February 10. The band, formed by the Azerbaijani pianist and composer Afshin Alizadeh, drummer Kaan Çelen, and the seasoned bass...
  3. santi.plays.the.drums

    Advice for New Snare Strands

    Hi 👋🏼 again, Santi here! I am looking to get advice for my next purchase, snare strands. I am replacing my strands due to the fact that two strands broke. I used a cutter and broke them off, and as a result I have 18 strands remaining. I am drum student with the intent of learning many...
  4. Shortsman86

    Sieges Even Cover Number 1

    This is a cover I did some time ago on one of my favourite songs ever and a tribute to the Great Sieges Even! Hope you like it, let me know what you think! ;)
  5. LeeLovesSabian

    Why do you play the drums?

    I know I tend to ask a lot of these kind of questions, but im curious. Why do YOU play the drums?
  6. LeeLovesSabian

    Nylon tips

    Who likes nylon tip drumsticks? I love Ahead drumsticks, so I was just wondering how many of my other Drummer-Bretheren like them as well.
  7. S


    The Blast Off Drum Competition will now be a regular part of Sick Drummer Magazine. Contestants will create a video and upload it to our specified location. This first digital drumming contest will be judged by: Adam Jarvis, Dave Culross & Elliot Hoffman. The contest will be split in two...
  8. S

    Any Fans of Extreme Drumming Here?

    Hello, I frequent this website and think it's a great resource! I would just like to make it aware to any of you fans of extreme drumming, we have started a new online magazine! It's free and doing very well.... www.sickdrummermagazine.com We have over 20 of the sickest contributing columnists...
  9. Tim Waterson

    Ramon Montagner

    came accross the drummer on youtube from Brazil GREAT player. http://ca.youtube.com/user/RamonMontagner enjoy Tim
  10. riddle

    REPOST of issue in SNARE DRUM HELP (difference in drum sounds)

    i've noticed that drums don't sound the same to the audience and the drummer. If its nice to the audience and not to the drummer its kinda disappointing because thats not the sound the drummer is hearing right? How is he gona play well if the sound isnt what he likes and he has to stick...
  11. C

    Established band Looking for Drummer

    I don't know if I am posting this in the right place...... but I thought it couldn't hurt to give it a shot. We are looking for a new drummer. here are a few links (with plenty of mp3s) you can check out if you'd like: http://www.myspace.com/escanabafiringline...

    INTRODUCTIONS - Locked - Use New Thread

    Similar to the thread in the old DW forum, answer the following questions (all optional) real name? age? how long been playing? origin of user name? top 5 drummers? make of drumkit? make of cymbal? where do you practice? are you in a band/s? covers or originals? what style of music? favourite...