1. J

    Hybrid Technique, Left Hand Blast Aspiration(Grossmann, Chason Westermoreland

    Hi! I'm a beginner Death Metal Drummer. I have spent almost 50 hours on Hannes Grossmann/Marco Minnemanns finger isolation method. So my finger control is pretty decent. Now to the main topic: A combination of fingers and wrist so I can get a strong hit basically. My main influences beside...
  2. drummer4life657

    Death Metal [COVER] - Extreme Drumming and 250 - 290 BPM.

    Hey drummerworld, I posted a new video yesterday. Any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated on this drum cover of "The Ills of Modern Man" by Despised Icon. All of the audio in this video was recorded by myself in my basement, and with the exception of a kick trigger sample, all drum...
  3. drummer4life657

    Dual Cover - Death Metal, Blastbeats, and Extreme Drumming

    Hey guys, I just posted this dual cover of "Hollow Planet" by Aversions Crown, an Australian Death Metal band. I played guitar on this track as well and it'd be awesome to get some feedback on it. Thanks for your time!
  4. drummer4life657

    Decrepit Birth drum/guitar cover [death metal]

    yo dudes! I just posted this Decrepit Birth dual cover on drums/guitar. let me know what you think! thanks for watching. -Anthony
  5. D

    Drum Video! Ominous Conception (doom/death)

    Hey guys! I wanted to take a second and introduce myself! I am the drummer of Ominous Conception, A doom/death metal band from Southwest Missouri. I recently posted a Youtube video of me playing one of the songs off of our upcoming album and I wanted to share a link with you guys! My channel...
  6. drummer4life657

    Fallujah - Cerebral Hybridization (drums + guitar dual cover) (death metal)

    hey guys! here's a video of me dual covering the song Cerebral Hybridization by Fallujah. to everyone not aware, which may be most, they're an "atmospheric death metal" band from CA. let me know what you think, just trying to spread this around a little bit. thanks...